Your sensitive data saved in your pocket

With ManyBox you can securely save your sensitive data, choosing where to keep it, and access it directly from your smartphone.

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Finally your sensitive data all in the same place

It saves your sensitive data extremely securely: from your credit/debit cards to your web or email logins; from your passwords to your private notes; from your bank accounts to your identification documents.

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Only you can access your backups and decide where to save them

Your data will be encrypted with a randomly generated MasterKey, which you will have the task of keeping it together with your backup. ManyBox does not save any data on its servers but everything is on your smartphone.

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Everything revolves around the boxes

The boxes are divided into categories. Each box can contain other boxes and in them you can create customizable fields and in turn, these fields, group them into groups. You have icons and colors available to better customize your boxes and groups.

Discover the other fantastic features directly in the app.

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Secure your data and decide how to manage your backups.